Flooring Information

Eclectic, Classic and contemporary

Area rugs can be a great accent for your new floor adding interest and style to any room. In addition to providing warmth and protecting your hard surface flooring, area rugs can define sitting areas, provide a focal point in a large room and help unify a mixture of furniture styles. Plus, they come in a wide range of styles, sizes and prices.

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Flat Weave
Flat Weave rugs are traditionally hand-woven in India. They are usually wool or cotton and come in various colors and designs.

Braided rugs are made from strips of cloth braided and stitched together. They have a more casual, rustic look.

Hooked rugs are made with yarn or fabric pulled through a backing.

Needlepoint rugs are stitched on a canvas with woolen yarns. They often come in floral patterns.

Oriental rugs
Hand-knotted Oriental rugs are usually named after their place of origin. They feature rich colors and patterns and are very durable. Many machine-made rugs, featuring Oriental rug designs,
are also referred to as Oriental rugs

 Helpful Hint
Make sure you place a non-skid cushion under all area rugs to keep them from sliding. This will help increase the life of your rea rug as well as keep people from slipping on the rugs.